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Our Process

We get to know you in a series of meetings. But you also get to know us - our personalities, our philosophies, and our experiences. We work through the process together and anticipate building a long-term relationship.

1. Discovery Meeting

Before discussing numbers, we help you determine where you’d like to go, what you’d like to do, and where you’d like to be in the years to come. We share our investment philosophy, discuss asset allocation, portfolio rebalancing, and further define your risk tolerance and time horizon for investing.

2. Solution Presentation

We reconfirm your stated goals and present our recommendations in the form of a roadmap. Working towards the specific financial benchmarks you’ve set for you and your family, the roadmap pinpoints the most solid, high-confidence strategy to achieve them.

3. Follow-Up Meeting

We review your statements and investment performance reports together to help you become comfortable with the documentation and answer any additional questions.

4. Progress Reviews (on-going)

We provide updates on investments and review the progress of your investment portfolio. Revealing the true value of our service, this meeting will show the incremental improvements in your financial picture – a result of our continuous refinement to your strategic financial roadmap.