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Brooks Financial Services, LLC

925 Sharit Avenue, Suite 213
Gardendale, Alabama 35071

Our Approach

Our focus is based on three Cornerstones tailored to your unique financial needs. We work with you to create a realistic financial strategy for today to help ensure the growth and protection of your wealth for the future.

  1. Building Your Nest Egg. Our approach to managing your nest egg is disciplined, structured, and academic. We work beyond simply forecasting markets and speculating about short-run investment trends finding opportunities to help grow your wealth far into your future. We effectively integrate our deep financial insight with an appreciation for your needs to craft an investment strategy that specifically fits you.

  2. Strategic Retirement Planning. It powers your independence and gives you the opportunity to invest your time in the things that truly give your life meaning. We believe you're entitled the freedom to pursue your happiness during every phase of your life and we strive to provide you with a unique wealth management strategy that allows you to do so.

    Financial comfort means different things to our clients, but in general we want to ensure that you're comfortable with the plans that we've created together and you are confident that we've considered both your present needs and your future changes.

  3. Creating a Legacy. We appreciate all of the hard work you've put into building the life you've always wanted. You've spent countless hours building safety and financial comfort for you and your loved ones and now the time has come to direct the benefits of your success when you're no longer able. Your first meeting with us is a discovery meeting. In this meeting, we work to understand your unique goals and needs and champion everything from your values, to your lessons, to your life's work as we shape your plan for the future. Our competitive advantage lies not only in the preservation of your legacy, but in directing it in a way that honors your instructions for many generations to come. We are your partner for helping to build both a living and lasting legacy.